Sunday, 17 June 2012

Sunday Lazy Sunday

Breakfast is my ultimate wake up remedy. I have to admit that, despite my best attempts, I am not a morning person. I'd love to be someone who springs out of bed at 6am, however I admit to being the type that sneaks a few extra winks in wherever feasibly possible. So breakfast has to be something worth getting out of bed for. I try to make it tasty and nutritionally healthy to start the day with a boost, and it's a good opportunity to sneak a few portions of your 5-a-day in; juice, a handful of berries, a bit of greenery. I recommend scouting out the fruit and veg stall at your local market - Leeds City Markets has some great ones, and they often have 2 for £1 deals on melon and packs of berries, as well as selling other cheap seasonal fruit and veg.

Clearly Sunday morning breakfasts are the best, because there's that extra bit of time to make something delicious before wiling away the day drinking copious amounts of tea whilst reading The Sunday Times' Style magazine (although I feel a bit guilty about this as I currently have about a forest's worth stashed under my bed).

Here are some breakfasts that I deemed picture-worthy, I hope it gives you the motivation to get up and go, or happily snuggle down on a rainy Sunday like this!

[Scrambled egg and smoked salmon bagel, poached eggs with spinach and avocado, melon and raspberries with fresh mint and strawberry pancakes make a tasty Sunday morning treat]
[I'm starting to think I should reassess my relationship with berries]
[Of course no breakfast in England is complete without a hearty cup of tea. Apart from the milk no sugar hero, my own breakfast favourites are apple and pear green tea and peppermint]

What are your wake-up remedies? A citrusy shower? 
Strong cup of coffee? Fresh air?

P.s. Happy Father's Day!

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