Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Saturday at LFW

I was incredibly lucky this weekend and had the opportunity to go to London Fashion week on Saturday. Having spent so many seasons wistfully dreaming of getting the chance to go for myself, I spent half the day pinching myself to check I was still in reality!

With LFW drawing to a close today, and the fashionistas jetting off to Paris for next week’s schedule, I thought I would share with you a glimpse of my day!

Most of the day was spend fashion-watching. There were some amazing outfits walking around. From the extraordinary to the chicest of chic, LFW was definitely the heart of the city’s style this week. We also had the chance to look round all of the exhibitions. Sister by Sibling was by far my favourite collection. Anything with a bit of Neon and I'm on board! We caught a glimpse of the Todd Lynn models and I pretty much fell in love with the pink dress below. Maxi, structured and a hint of peplum detail? Sold.

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