Saturday, 15 September 2012

Topshop Dreaming

So, as you will be aware from this week’s instaweek post, myself and Sarah have just spent a lovely weekend catching up in London. Naturally, this catch up weekend inevitably lead to a trip (well, ok.. 2 trips) to Topshop. I’m lucky enough to work on Oxford Street so it’s on my doorstep, but in the interest of avoiding temptation I try to avoid visiting the store too often or lingering for too long. And after this weekend, I know why. I’m a massive Topshop fan and have been for years – but let’s face it, who isn’t – but even I can see that sometimes they do go a bit overboard with a million different ‘trends’. I wasn’t overwhelmed with this year’s Summer collection so didn’t really feel like I was missing out on too much. However, my most recent visit has put their collection back up to the number 1 spot on my wishlist. Hello autumn/winter!
I invariably prefer Topshop’s winter collections anyway, maybe it’s because I prefer winter dressing – layering and playing with different textures appeals to the shopaholic in me. This year, as ever, they’ve done us proud. It’s nice to see that some of last winter’s colour palette is sticking around so all those cranberry and silvery grey tones that I stocked up are not banished to the back of my wardrobe this year. There is also a nice play with a couple of neon shades so there’s a little consistency in the transition from summer to winter this year.
In an attempt to render my online lusting a little more productive, I decided to share my favourite pieces with you here. I’m sure, as much as I resist, you will inevitably be seeing some of these items popping up in my wardrobe over the coming months.
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